House Of Mary is a three-piece indie rock band from Midtown Sacramento. They formed in 2015 and have since written over 25 songs and played over 50 shows in Northern California. The musical style they create is a blend of Alternative Rock and Folk Rock with a hint of Americana, among other styles. Performances by House Of Mary have been described as captivating, with unique harmonies, haunting riffs and A LOT of witty humor between songs. Front woman Aubrie Lyn's strong personality and fun energy is prevalent on stage. She writes about evading love, life and responsibility (seriously) and delivers clean, powerful vocals. Spencer Byrnes writes beautiful, creative guitar riffs,  solid bass lines, and unexampled backing vocals. Holding the trio together is Blair Blaze who defines the sound of the group with his high energy hard hitting drumming style and occasional hip hop vocals. This group of best friends are dedicated to their craft and will be bringing more original music and exciting performances to the world for a long time to come.